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Courses to Challenge, Inspire and Interest Young Minds

In Cad Design School young ones and adults get into the world of technology and computing. In this School, we love inspire young ones and adults create and design and build items, products, programs and videos. 
Courses we have:
1. 2D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
2. 3D Modelling CAD
3. 3D Printing
4. Create Your Own Animated Video
5. Scratch Programming - Learn the simple way to program
6. Build Your Own Remote Control Plane (RC Plane)
Beginners - 2D Design

Introduction to Computer Aided Design.

How it is used in Engineering, Design, Architecture,

Interior Design, and Physics. Learn fun basics, and get

down to working on drawing your own objects - small

and large. Learn AutoCAD as a drawing tool. This AutoCAD course is thought during weekends and during school holidays. Good for young ones, and adults who want to join in as well. Certificate provided.


Age group : 9-17 years olds, College Students and Working Adults

Short Courses, and Long term weekly courses


please see calendar below


Sri Hartamas 

please see calendar below

Other dates could be arranged for a min of 3 studs


2D Design

For Pricing and Syllabus

Intermediate - 3D Modelling
With the basics of 2D in place, students move on
to 3D modelling, which is much more advanced. They
get to build objects that can actually move around,
i.e. building a house and watching it rotate in 3D. In this AutoCAD training, they'll really have fun, knowing they can build their own 3D objects. Famous as school holiday courses and school holiday programs. Teenagers who are  looking to identify their future career paths normally take this course to help them decide on their future direction. Certificate provided.
Age group : 9-17 years olds, College Students and Working Adults
Short Courses, and Long term weekly courses


please see calendar below


Sri Hartamas / Taman Tun

please see calendar below

Other dates could be arranged for a min of 3 studs

3D Modelling

For Pricing and Syllabus

Advanced Class - Create Real Life 3D Printed Models

Draw more advanced models - 3D chairs, 3D cars, tables, houses,

and actually build it up into real life physical objects, with

State of the Art 3D Printing Machines - a truly fun time. You also get to watch and learn from other participants while they

create their own unique models, with 3D Printers. AutoCAD is used as a fundmental tool for this program.  School Holiday and Weekend Programs available. Certificate Provided


Age group : 9-17 years olds, College Students and Working Adults


2 Days -   click below for weekend and school holiday schedule  
Advanced 3D

For Pricing and Syllabus

Design Your Own Cartoon Animated Video

Create Cartoon Animated Videos for your School Projects, Youtube, Whatsapp and Facebook

Create cool Animated Videos for School Projects, Greeting Cards, Blogs .  Create Excitement among friends while posting and sharing your own "Made at Home Videos" in your Youtube, Facebook & whatsapp. Bring out the Wow factor when doing presentations by having animation and music!


Find out how to bring your story to life, coordinate background music, movement and pictures with video animation. Learn how to create your own personalized content in this 1 day workshop and awe your family , friends and teachers with your new found video design skills.

Age group : 10-16 years olds
Fees :
Normal Fee : RM370
Current Promo - >  RM 290
please see below
(Other dates can be considered for a class of 4)
View details about course :-> 
Cartoon Video
This course will provide participants with a basic understanding of computer science and programming.
They will be building really cool applications like animations, video games and music videos using computer science and the Scratch programming language.
As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically.
Age group : 9-14 years olds
Normal Fees : RM 590
Current Promo ->  RM 420
please inquire
Sri Hartamas / Taman Tun
please inquire
Other dates can be considered for a group of 4
View details about course :->

Beginners Scratch Programming and Computer Science

Scratch Programming
In this course you learn to make and then fly your own Remote Control battery powered Aeroplane. Learn aerodynamics, and put together parts that make a plane. Cut out different parts together, glue gun them together, add the electronics, adjust the movements, and then finally get them to  fly.
Get the excitement of making your own plane from scratch. Learn to build and later make simple repairs to the plane if it crashes.
Age group : 13 years and above up to adults
please inquire (Sat & Sun)  - only in Puchong due to flying space limitation
2 days -1pm - 6pm
Normal Fees: RM 990  + cost of materials 300
Current Promo : RM 690 each for 1 pax,  RM 590 each for 2 pax + (cost of materials = RM 300).
More details - here >

Make and Fly your own Remote Control Aeroplane (Indoor RC Aeroplane)

Rc Aeroplane

Papercraft workshops -(Ages 5-8) and (Ages 9-14)  (RM100)

Summary of classes and current promos, and locations

Please click on programs in the calendar to view more

Classes (with prices for ages up to 18 years) 

CAD 2D Modelling  (Normal price RM 1500 : Current promo RM 830)
CAD 3D Modelling & 3d Printing   (Normal Price 1750: Current Promo RM950)
Coding Class -Scratch Programming (Beginners)  (Normal Price 590: Current Promo (RM420)

Web Based App development (16 and above)
Animated Video Class - 1 day class: (RM290)
Remote Control Airplane building  (RM990) 

Photoshop for beginners (Rm650)



The above prices are for single pax only, and is the current promotional price. For 2 pax or more there is further discount, please see the link below.


Some of the dates are still movable (unless marked confirmed), as we need a min of 4 pax to conduct a class, will update you accordingly of changes. Once we give a firm answer, the class will go on.


Interested in courses for adults?


CAD Design Centre


Training Venue:



3rd Floor, No 27 Jalan Puteri 4/6, Bandar Puteri

47100 Puchong, Selangor



Tel: 012-2737190

Interested to know more? Please fill up the details below and your interest, and we'll get in touch with you.

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