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About CAD Design Centre

Be proficient in Computer Aided Design (CAD),  Programming and that will give you a clear Edge in your workplace.


Who should attend this course?


Are you in the below fields, or working in companies which need

1. Product Design
2. Engineering
3. Office Layout
4. Interior Designing
5. Air-Conditioning 
6. Civil Engineering
7. Architectural
8. Mechanical Engineering
9. Site Engineering
10.Road Engineering
11.Jewellery Design
12. Production 
13. Manufacturing
14. Furniture Design

Why this course?


Your company needs you to be proficient, or at least have a simple working knowledge of AutoCAd or any other CAD software


  • Doing product designs

  • For Plan Reading

  • Doing editing of other people's drawings

  • Office layout, plans 

  • Creating designs of products or buildings

  • You not having the knowledge of AutoCAD is slowing down your work a lot ( you need to depend on others to do simple edits, or corrections, or designs)

The different Levels of AutoCAD in Cad Design Centre 


We have classes for those with various skills in AutoCAD. (please click on the links below to view details and fees)


  1. Beginners 2D (Zero Knowledge) 

  2. Intermediate Level 2D - For More advanced users who need to manage teams (sharing of drawings, managing templates for teams, etc) in 2D

  3. 3D Modelling

  4. Rendering

  5. 3D Printing - getting your designs of products 3D printed.

Benefits of Learning AutoCAD


  • Build confidence in the workplace - ablity to take up jobs that require AutoCAD

  • Raise your income, being more qualified

  • Be considered for job Promotions

  • Speed up your work - lessen the dependence on other people to get your drawings and draughting done or edited.


Frequently asked questions


What is your requirement to do these courses? Do you think I should need some basic knowledge in AutoCAD to start with?

I fear that the course is too technical and I can't really cope up with it.


  • Our trainers are well knowned to teach people who start from Zero and teach it in such a way (in an easy going manner) that you can be proficient in the 2 days.


How long does it take? 
I am worried that it might take a really long time to learn something like this, and I can't possibly put in the time and effort to take this up


  • It takes 2 full days to learn 2D and 2 full days if you wish to go on further to learn 3D or other levels.


Can I be proficient in 2 days?


  • Yes you can - You'll be spending a lot of time on hands on work from the beginnning of the training, so that you could be independent immediately the moment you finish your training.


What if I don't feel confident after this 2 days?


  • We offer free repeat classes on future trainings on the same level for free (our Guarantee for public trainings). Very rarely our students need this repeat classes, as they leave the class in a confident way. We offer free repeats anyway, as our part of our policy for our public trainings.


Is this course HRDF claimable? Is it available as In-House trainings


  • Yes, we are a fully HRDF claimable company and we do In- House trainings. Do send us and email with what you require, and we'll get back to you.



Our trainers have been actively involved in the field of Computer Aided Design for more than 20 years. We have trained Professional Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, people involved in Research & Design and College Students in places like Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Selangor Human Resource Development Corporation, Federal Institute of Technology, and numerous manufacturing entities across Malaysia.



Interested to know more? Please fill up the details below and your interest, and we'll get in touch with you.

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