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About CAD Design Centre

Let your child explore the world of computer aided design and get a head start

in engineering, architecture, interior & product design, and computer animation.


Who should attend this course? (9-24 year olds)


9 to 24 year old students who want:

  • to explore more about designing, creating, drawing, building objects.  

  • early exposure in Engineering, Architecture, Robotics, Interior, Home  or Product Design and Computer Animation.

  • After your SRP, SPM, IGCSE, Before University - exploring career paths, study paths or options in Engineering, Architechture, Interior Design or Product Design and want to know more about these fields

  • Pre job - to have an edge in the job interview



What is CAD?


CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. It is a drawing or modelling tool using the computer, heavily used in the world of Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Oild and Gas, Factories, Computer Designing,  Interior Design. In fact most of the products we see and use everyday is designed using CAD, and most people go about not realising this fact.

Why this course?


Does your son or daughter have a talent or interest in:

  • designing?

  • creating?

  • drawing? 

  • building objects? 


Would they like to one day become an:

  • Engineer – Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical  

  • Architect,

  • Designer – Interior, Home or Product design

  • Computer Animator, Games Designer, 3D Animator


Then, this course would be perfect for them.


You don’t have to wait till they are much older - give them a head start now!

Let them develop, build and nurture their talents and interests in a fun way,

while creating a solid stepping stone.  Throughout the course, while learning Computer Aided Design using the AutoCAD software which is widely used in the above fields, these young ones would get a good idea of what goes on in these career paths.  



The different Levels of CAD in Cad Design Centre 


We have classes for those with various skills in CAD. (please click on the links below to view details and course fees)


  1. Beginners 2D (Zero Knowledge) 

  2. 3D Modelling

  3. 3D Printing - getting your designs of products 3D printed.

View our other courses for teens and kids here

What is thought in Class?


To understand what they'll be learning in class, nothing is better then seeing some end samples of what they have done. For course details do click on the links above

Sample drawings done - 2D

Sample drawings done - 3D

How does your child benefit?


Your daughter or son will:

  • Develop their skills in drawing, designing, engineering, modelling and building.

  • Stimulate their learning curve by allowing them to explore and gain new skill sets in a fun environment.

  • Be a pioneer - achieve first-hand experience in engineering, architecture, design and computer animation.

  • Identify potential future career paths.

  • Get a strong foundation in AutoCAD and Computer Aided Design, which they would be able to use later on in their career. 

  • Start using their creativity early on. They would be able to design their own houses, products, toys, with accurate dimensions ready to build into real life objects. They get to do 3D printing of their models with state of the art  3D Printers,



How classes are conducted


  • In a fun, easy to understand, hands-on manner.

  • Able to start designing, drawing and modeling early on in the class.

  • All learning is tied to real life Engineering, Architectural, Design or            Computer Animation scenarios.

  • There are various levels, from introduction workshop, 2D Drawing, 3D Modelling and eventually 3D printing with the Advanced 3D Modelling & 3D Printing workshop.


Our trainers have been actively involved in the field of Computer Aided Design for more than 20 years. We have trained Professional Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, people involved in Research & Design and College Students in places like Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, Selangor Human Resource Development Corporation, Federal Institute of Technology, and numerous manufacturing entities across Malaysia.

Interested to know more? Please fill up the details below and your interest, and we'll get in touch with you.

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